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Beautiful NYC Images of the 60’s: James Jowers

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St. Mark's Place, 1960's New York
St. Mark’s Place

Reader Chris sends this in:

From Flavorwire: Beautiful Black and White Photographs of New York in the 1960’s

The photographs are by photographer James Jowers and are part of the George Eastman Collection. The bio on his flickr page reads:

James Jowers interest in photography began while serving in the United States Army where he was trained in darkroom procedures. In 1965 he became a student at the New School and studied under Lisette Model, who later became a close friend and mentor. At this time he was living on the Lower East Side and worked as a night porter at St. Luke’s Hospital; leaving him free to explore the City during the day and photograph life as he encountered it on the streets. Model later introduced Jowers to the Nancy Palmer Photo Agency where he was represented for several years.

The photography collection at George Eastman House holds approx. 400 James Jowers prints. The majority of the images were shot in New York City in the 1960s and early 1970s, an important and interesting time in US history. The photographs are of the New York City street photography genre. There are some remarkable images in this collection, including portraits of New Yorkers in various settings and anti-war protests in Central Park and elsewhere. There are also approximately 25 photographs of New Orleans in the 1970s.

The 1960’s are a decade rarely commented on when people look back on New York. The real counterculture action was happening on the West Coast, and the rapid decline of the 1970’s overshadowed the decade before it. But I’ve long been interested in the affluent post-war decades in New York, what traces remain of them now, what the city was like then. Hopefully I can post more in the coming months. In the meantime, enjoy James Jowers’ amazing photographs.

East 3nd Street, 1960's New York
East 2nd Street

Coney Island, 1960's New York

Coney Island

Chicken on Avenue C, New York City, 1960's
Avenue C

Fish Store, 1st Avenue, 1960's New York